Important Elements of a Successful Company Store

Important Elements of a Successful Company Store

Many companies are looking ahead for ways to improve business and rebound from the economical effects of COVID19. Therefore, now is the time to evaluate processes and ensure your eCommerce experience is optimized – setting you up for success. If you don’t currently have a strong company store platform in place, now is the time to start. You need to be able to order company branded promotional products, apparel, printing, office products, sanitation supplies, and more without headaches and lengthy processes. We’ve compiled a list of five important elements of a successful online company store to get you started down the right path.

5 Important Elements of a Successful Company Store

Responsive Design

eCommerce doesn’t simply mean placing an order from a desktop computer. Therefore, you need a responsive platform that will allow ordering on cell phones, tablets, and other digital devices.

Custom Branding

Your online company store should be a reflection of your company’s brand standards. With our platform we can customize your storefront to coexist seamlessly with your company colors, styles, and overall impression.

Single Shopping Cart

A headache many companies experience is having to place multiple orders with multiple vendors, and in turn dealing with separate invoices. The single shopping cart experience allows you to order apparel, promotional products, office products, sanitation supplies, print and more – all within one checkout process and subsequently a single invoice.

Product on Demand

Having a vast network of preferred suppliers provides the ability to source exactly what you need with speed and efficiency. Choosing products that are available on demand in quantities as low as 1 is an important element of a successful company store. Purchasing a single unit rather than investing in inventory will save you resources, time, and money.

User Groups & Access Levels

An important part of a company store is the ability to have multiple customized user groups. Our technology allows you to create groups to control product visibility, pricing structures, administrative permissions and more.

These are just five important elements of a successful online company store that Regency360 can provide. To learn more about other benefits of Regency360’s custom eCommerce solutions, contact us today. Let’s start you off on the right foot post-COVID19, ensuring your company store platform is set up for success.


The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Did you know that almost 60% of today’s internet access is done using a cell phone? What started as a 50 ton machine that filled a 20×40 foot room in 1946 has developed through the years into a tiny tech machine that lives in the palm of your hand. As technology advances, practices for developing websites has to advance with it. Simply “designing a website” doesn’t cut it. Now that the internet is readily available across digital devices of all shapes and sizes, the importance of responsive web design is at an all-time high and is a critical element of success.


What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design means that the website is able to render in different ways, adapting to the size of the visitor’s screen. Responsive websites will load without any missing elements or distorted imagery, automatically resizing while also maintaining a consistent presentation.


Why does responsive web design matter?

As stated at the beginning of this article, almost 60% of today’s internet access is done using a cell phone. Additionally, a whopping 94% of internet users judge websites on responsive web design. Think about the last time you went to a website on your phone or tablet, and it didn’t fit your screen or function smoothly. Did you stay on the site, or did you search for an alternative that was easier to see and use? Most people who come across a website that is difficult to navigate, will leave.


How does responsive web design affect eCommerce?

82% of people have conducted business activities on a mobile device. In the fast-paced environment that Corporate America has made the norm, being able to complete business tasks across all devices is critical to maximizing efficiency. This includes the ability to make purchases on an eCommerce platform. 50% of today’s total eCommerce revenue generates from a mobile device. If your purchasing platform isn’t set up for responsive use, your user experience will suffer – and you could be missing out on potential sales.

The importance of responsive web design going nowhere but up, making it critical in today’s online environment. Therefore, our company stores have this technology  – giving you easy access to company branded products on any device. Is your current purchasing platform setting you up for success? Contact us today to talk through how our platform can improve your user experience and overall satisfaction with purchasing company branded materials.


Who’s Your Scrub Daddy? How to Launch an Online Branded Scrub Program in 30 Days!

A standardized uniform program has a long list of benefits: a more professional image, enhanced patient relationships, a sense of team spirit, and brand recognition to name of few. Unfortunately, a small to mid-sized medical practice typically doesn’t have the resources to build, implement, and maintain a successful online scrub program. Until now…

Executive Summary

Raleigh Neurology Associates, P.A. is one of the largest and most respected neurology practices in the nation. Their 40,000 square-foot facility, conveniently located near Rex Hospital and Wake Medical Centers, offers complete neurological care, testing, and an on-site sleep center.

Newly hired medical staff are given an expense allowance to cover the cost of four (4) sets of scrubs. The practice covers an additional set for each employee per year. In addition, logoed apparel items (e.g., polo shirts, pull overs, jackets) are provided from time to time for non-medical staff.



Employees purchase their own scrubs in whatever brand, style, and color that suits them. Decorating (via embroidery) individually purchased tops with the practice logo would have been a logistical nightmare, so all garments are worn “blank” with no company branding. In addition to missing out on the benefits of a standardized, logoed scrub program, processing expense requests for new employees and annual anniversaries is an administrative hassle. Finally, there isn’t an easy way to purchase logoed gear for other staff, so it is hit or miss on who has apparel to wear and who doesn’t.



We deployed the Regency360 FasTrac™ Logoed Scrub Program. The client solicited input from employees, and landed on Cherokee and Dickies as their brands of choice.  Five tops, seven pants, and one jacket were made available for the women, along with two tops and two pants for the men. In an effort to get “buy-in” from their staff, the decision was made to initially to offer all colors, as they were accustomed to having complete control of their purchases. The customer planned to transition to a more limited, pre-approved color palette with the goal of a standardized uniform program in mind.

New employees were provided a $135 coupon code to use in the scrub store, eliminating the expense reimbursement process. A second bank of coupon codes in increments of $75 was created for employee annual anniversaries that management can distribute at will.

Also, employees were strongly encouraged to make their personal purchases (via credit card) for additional scrub sets from the company store. The combination of popular brands and styles, an easy online buying experience, the availability of logoed tops, and price points BELOW retail made this a no-brainer. Purchases could be made (via coupon code, credit card, or a combination of both) at any time, with no minimums, in quantities as low as one.

To meet their secondary need for additional branded apparel, another category was created for non-medical items including polos, cardigans, pullovers, woven dress shirts, and jackets. The company could use the platform to buy apparel for their staff at any time, and the client was billed directly. Employees that are interested in purchasing these items can do so at any time using their credit card.


The client has an easy to use ordering platform that is now the springboard for a standardized uniform policy that will promote the company image, make a strong impression on patients, and provide a valuable employee benefit. All staff has easy, online access to quality, logoed gear and that can be ordered at any time, one at a time.

“We are excited about our new apparel platform.  It not only relieves an administrative burden, but also provides our team an opportunity to showcase our brand.  By adding additional “gear” for our non-medical staff, everyone can participate, and it gives us an engaging way to provide awards and incentives to our employees. It is great seeing our team members in their unique branded apparel!”


Phillip Batten, Account Executive at Regency360 said, “Once I had a chance to talk to Kellie, I realized very quickly that we could help them move to a scrub program that was flexible but still gave them more control. We worked closely together to avoid “culture shock” and insure a smooth transition for their employees. They plan on adding more products and categories, so it will be rewarding to see the platform grow.”