These Kits from Batch & Bodega make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Batch & Bodega

The concept of Batch & Bodega is a simple one – pairing branded swag with amazing snacks and treats to create a memorable, one of a kind gifting experience. They search across the country to find the best treats from small-batch makers instead of big box companies. The packaging for each “batch” – their term for gift box – is highly customizable. You can brand the box as well as the products, essentially giving you the ability to brand the entire experience.

Batch & Bodega has a one piece minimum on all of their products, as well as a 3-day turnaround with zero setup fees. Each batch is available in a variety of tiers, allowing you to choose something that best fits your budget. Whether you go with a lite, regular or deluxe batch option, these kits from Batch & Bodega make the perfect holiday gift for customers and employees.

The Trailblazer

A full-flavor experience for the refined tastemaker. Classic snacks with a modern spin are accompanied by practical, artisanal accessories. This trendy assortment will turn heads and also feed the soul.

Cookies & Crumbs

Unbelievable cookie flavors crafted by the country’s finest cookie aficionados. We advise you lock the door behind you before opening the box.

Road Trip

Hit the road with easy-access snacks packed with salty goodness, complete with a game-changing drive-thru sauce holder.

Movie Night

Three blockbuster popcorn flavors have been assembled for your chewing pleasure.

Snack Attack

Our best snacks united for momentous sharing occasions. Vast flavor ranges make this a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


Slide the secret panel on the box to gain exclusive access to the dark & rich flavors and classy, matte black products waiting within.

These kits from Batch & Bodega make the perfect holiday gift, so let’s talk today about creating a holiday marketing program for your customers or employees. Reach out on social media or fill out our contact form on the home page!

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Do Good with Products from Cotopaxi

Do Good Cotopaxi

Getting a new bag from Cotopaxi is a little like opening a gift. You can feel the size and shape of it, but you don’t know what it looks like until you open it up! That’s because each bag Cotopaxi makes is built from high quality remnant fabric, making them both sustainable and vibrant. Their sewers have the final creative control over each pack, with the only guidance being to not make them all the same. You read that right – each Cotopaxi pack is designed to be unique.

Environmentally friendly Cotopaxi

Additionally, Cotopaxi is a certified B corporation; they put 1% of their revenue toward addressing poverty and supporting community development. Through their grant program, they promote organizations successfully improving the human condition. To date, they have awarded 42 grants in six focus countries. Cotopaxi also places a huge importance on ethics during the production phase of their products – enforcing a rigorous code of conduct and promoting fair labor practices at every factory they use.

We are featuring three Cotopaxi pieces designed with large spaces of dark color to make your lighter company logos pop.

You’ll notice that you can’t specify a color when you order a Cotopaxi bag. The combinations are practically endless, and what you get will always be a surprise! That’s because the colors change from piece to piece, at the discretion of the sewers. The images in this post are just a few examples of the endless color combination possibilities.


The Luzon is a lightweight, do-everything daypack. This is your easygoing, spontaneous adventure buddy. A lightweight, do-everything daypack, it’s perfect for anyone who prefers an unstructured pack that works for a variety of situations. To summarize – stuff it up, cinch it closed and you’re on your way.


 The Batac is an unstructured pack designed for quick trips and grab-and-go convenience. Originally designed to pair with larger travel bags, the Batac is a stowable daypack that deploys for fast-and-light daytrips, hikes and other excursions. It’s unstructured for added versatility, therefore making it a great school pack, gym bag or daily travel companion. 


The Bataan, a versatile hip pack that can also be worn over the shoulder, rounds out the collection with compact storage for necessities. The Bataan is a spicy take on the classic hip pack. With its 3L size, this handy hip hugger keeps your necessities secure, organized and 100% at-the-ready. Wear it up front, on the side or in the back.

Do Good Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi’s creed, Do Good, touches every aspect of their company. From their giving model to company culture and sustainable product design, their business is a vehicle to make an impact. Do good with products from Cotopaxi.

Consider these products for your next purchase of branded bags and backpacks, and support this amazing business. Contact us today to start your order.

To learn more about Cotopaxi, take a minute to watch the video below.